Thrombosis diagnosis

A CT scan is usually performed to confirm diagnosis of pulmonary embolism since its symptoms are similar to other diseases

Correct diagnosis of a DVT is important since its main complication, pulmonary embolism, can be severe.

For that matter, we can say that DVT is a medical emergency. Only with proper treatment is the risk of an embolism in the lung reduced to a minimum.

Deep venous thrombosis is difficult to detect, since its symptoms are similar to those of muscle pain or strain, but also because swelling is often mild , and in some cases, there are no symptoms at all.

Anyway, if discomfort persists and it is not due to any injury, we should always think of a DVT.

Diagnosis is confirmed by ultrasound or echo-doppler scan of the veins of the legs, which is a simple, fast and painless test.


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