Thrombosis frecuency

Frequency of pulmonary embolism is lower than the one of myocardium infarction or cerebral ischemia, but much more deadly

It is not easy to know the frequency of DVT in Spain. Advances in anticoagulant treatment have provided information stating that these patients have increasingly more control in their home, without the need to be admitted to hospital. So from 2010 there are no accurate statistics.

However, the data collected previously indicated that between 2001 and 2003, 87.733 patients were admitted in Spain (according to data of the Ministry of Health) displaying DVT. Of them, 47.911 (55%) were admitted with deep venous thrombosis and the rest with pulmonary embolism (39.822).

Since this is a disease that is sometimes not diagnosed, due to the fact that its symptoms are mild, or because it is often mistaken for other causes of swelling and pain in the legs, we think that its frequency is higher.



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