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Objective and rigorous information

We start from the view that healthcare professionals have an outstanding debt with population: information we are giving is honestly improvable.

In our daily activity at wards, outpatient clinics and at emergency departments we do not have enough time as for explaining patients everything they should know about their disease; nor the patient admitted both at Emergencies or at medical consultation has the time or is relaxed enough as for exposing all concerns.

Venous thromboembolic disease is an important cause of death in Spain. At Foundation for the Study of VTE Diseases in Spain (FUENTE) we rely on more than 60.000 patients who suffer from this pathology. This information provides us with an extensive knowledge regarding the evolution and treatment of the disease.

TROMBO.info is based on information from the Ministry of Health regarding patients admitted by thromboembolic disease over the last ten years as well as the contribution of a group of voluntary physicians (internal medicine, pneumologists, emergency and family doctors, and anesthetists) that over the last years have had a joint collaboration in several research and dissemination projects.

We already have objective information of our surroundings and we have also the group of experts to share it; now it is time to reach the patient.

Patients want to know what their disease entails, what the expectations are, and what they need to do in order to have a good evolution throughout the disease. Patients should be also aware of what they need to do for venous thromboembolic disease prevention. We do have this information, and from now on, a platform for interaction between professionals and patients.

TROMBO.info provides information regarding all aspects of the disease thanks to our team of experts. Patients will be able to easily enter in all contents inside the webpage, and also be able to interact in some specific ones.

Moreover, patients may see how the disease evolves and how risk factors influence its evolution. In a second phase, patients will have the possibility to pose questions to the experts; always regarding general aspects of the disease, never questions regarding personal aspects.

FUENTE Foundation’s board

President: Dr. Manuel Monreal Bosch (collegiate member number 9.644 in Barcelona)

Vice president: Dr. Fernando Uresandi Romero (collegiate member number 2.743 in Bizkaia)

Chairmen: Dr. Enric Grau Segura (collegiate member number 14.748 in Valencia)

Dr. Juan Ignacio Arcelus Martínez (collegiate member number 18/2906736 in Granada)

Dr. Ferran García-Bragado Dalmau (collegiate member number 2.701 in Girona)



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