Questions and answers about immobilization and ETV

My son hurt his knee and they put them a bandage as well as an immobilization for a week. Since he had lot of pain, his leg swollen and even fever, I took him to the emergency department and they told me he had a DVT and that he should have injections in his abdomen once a day. He stayed like this between June and November, when his doctors told him to stop the injections. We have an appointment for his monitoring in June, and doctors say he hasn’t improved at all. He had a CT scan and they told him he needs to undergo surgery but I need a second opinion. Is it operable? What should I wait from this surgery? And, in case they decide not to perform surgery, will he stay like this forever? He’s just 20 years old.

Indeed, with current techniques, surgery is not very useful in patients who still have discomfort after suffering from a DVT. There are several techniques for removing the thrombus in the specific vein. However, after a few days the thrombus is created again and discomfort does not decrease. When this happens, the only thing you can do is to walk and wear a strong compression stocking in the leg.

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