“One year of vacations at hell. That’s how I remember now year 2015-2016 when I was detected and diagnosed from a massive bilateral thromboembolism. This is something I will never forget. Even though now I feel relieved from many concerns and distress, I have suffered a lot due to this disease”.

“The reason I decided to go to hospital was that on the morning, as soon as I woke up, I spit a blood clot out of my mouth and I thought that something was going on.”

David plainly remembers his experience with pulmonary embolism.

“In November 2015, more specifically on the 21st, I went to hospital because I was experiencing some sort of pain on the left side of my body all day and all night long for a few days. I could not even sleep on that side. I had trouble breathing, and my left side was increasingly hurting”.

“I had some x-rays done and I was collected blood from the artery, but D-dimer was in a normal range, so I was discharged that same day”.

“On the next day, both my side pain and choking sensation drowning and my side pain began to abate, but I was still coughing blood, so I decided to go to hospital one more time. This time, when collecting blood from my artery, they saw that D-dimer had altered its value with respect to the previous day, so they decided to make me a CT scan. And, there was… bilateral massive pulmonary thromboembolism. The beginning of my nightmare, especially my mental nightmare”

One year of vacations at hell. That’s how I remember now year 2015-2016 when I was detected and diagnosed from a massive bilateral thromboembolism


“I spent one week at hospital thinking that my life was over and that I would not come alive. I had heparin injections for a few days until I changed to Sintrom. I had a hard time keeping INR levels. Doctors said it was due to my age, I had just turned 39 at that time”.

“They didn’t know what may have caused the pulmonary embolism and I had to visit every kind of specialists, both private and public. I thought I had everything: more clots, and even tumors. Cardiologists, neurologists, digestive physicians…They couldn’t find anything, and my head started to make up things that could have caused the embolism”.

“After approximately six months, I had a complete coagulation study, which included a genetic test, and I started to receive good news: I had no genetic alteration and the study showed normal values. It was a huge relief to hear the good news; however, we still needed to know if I was going to have sequelae after such a severe PE”.

Four months later David had a scintigraphy and “I received more good news: thrombi did not leave sequelae in the lungs and they had disappeared”.

I thought I had everything: more clots, and even tumors


“The pulmonologist, together with the hematologist, decided to discontinue the treatment. I will never forget the words of the pulmonologist: “David, forget about what happened, you are just as if you had not suffered from a PE”.

“Those words are actually what I want to keep after this nightmare. With all the positive and good things within such a bad experience”.

“It’s been 18 months since it happened. After 12 months I got back to work because court decided so. I work as a gardener and going back to my normal life has been my best therapy. My job, my sport, and especially, support from my family, friends and workmates”.

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