A decision-making tool for doctors


eStiMaTe was developed “to predict the risk of complications in patients with normal blood pressure and PE,” says David Jiménez, pneumonologist at the Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal of Madrid, and author of this online calculator, which facilitates physicians’ decision-making.

Patients with high-risk PE (old massive PE) are hypotensive or in shock, and should receive fibrinolysis if there is no contraindication for its use. “Using eStiMaTe, doctors can evaluate the individualized risk of their patient by introducing some clinical data and the results of complementary tests,” adds Jiménez.

“The prognostic stratification of patients with symptomatic acute pulmonary embolism helps to select the best treatment (anticoagulation, early recanalization) and the best place for treatment (home, hospital ward or the intensive care unit).”

The specialist, a collaborator of Trombo.info, warns that this calculator is a complement for medical knowledge, “in no case can it replace the assessment of the doctor responsible for the patient.”

The scientific bases underlying the eStiMaTe online calculator have recently been published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care.



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